Over $950 million in savings from adopting education
savings accounts (ESAs) in New Jersey



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It would be great if NJ Spotlight would highlight this provocative piece on Education Equality during the pandemic--Jersey Style https://t.co/I5uMHkeyog #jerseycan #pandemiceducation #educationequality

We value the Sunlight Policy Centers' views on education funding in New Jersey and have thought highly of John Mooney and NJ Spotlight. Hoping this misunderstanding can be patched up and that fairness and light prevails.... https://t.co/ugCeUKu48b #educationreform #schoolfunding

Kudos to Yes Every Kid for the Powerful Message on Education Equality We are Listening in New Jersey! https://t.co/jXwArxAGhm #schoolsreopen #teachersunion #schoolchoice

Hey New Jersey teachers in grades K-5! Join the School Choice Pen Pals Program! Your classroom will be connected with a similar grade in another state or community so your students can send and receive letters during the school year. Register here: https://t.co/XLhHrzJHJx https://t.co/4PzRgljMWf nje3 photo

We're excited to announce the release of a study today that analyses the potential fiscal effects of education savings accounts for K-12 in New Jersey!

The result, over $950 million in savings, a win/win for taxpayers and parents. Read the report here: https://t.co/6AXPjKrU7K https://t.co/hZWx712SU6
nje3 photo

Not liking your public school online option? Just send the kids to private school....Helps to have some money! ....and don't be ashamed if you are a public official.... https://t.co/BrUy21WwTG #hipocrisy #ProgressivesForBiden #newsom #californiaschoolcrisis

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