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Is The Jersey City Board of Education in sync with voters and parents? Raising Salaries for Administrators, even a little, and a massive budget ( and tax) boost in these times? ... https://t.co/i8KWXki0y6

Thanks Dan! and, for today, please consider "Black Dad's Lives Matter" too! They are so important to educating and nurturing their daughters and sons!!! https://t.co/Pu52dTE6Es

There is a woman behind Father's Day! Let's honor Her as well as those Dad's that help make good education happen!


We love her too! MSNBC viewers are lucky to get this fresh view. New York & New Jersey viewers especially!! https://t.co/l7x4avLlIU

Great News for Mr. Ali! He is in at Harvard Law! Not so sure this is good for Jersey City Public Education though..At least he will be closer than Beijing and maybe add some first year legal perspective for the Board! https://t.co/DSnEAz2iSA

Congratulations to Mr. Ali for getting into Harvard Law!! We are not so sure this is good for public education in Jersey City , but at least a positive relocation from his prior school in Beijing!... https://t.co/DSnEAz2iSA

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