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We steer clear of recommendations when it comes to parties and candidates for office, but school choice as an issue is front and center this year. This video sharply focused our attention https://t.co/0ohDzmJpsu #schoolchoice #edchoice

We are hoping the Governor's office is listening to education pros on finding ways to help districts up their game on remote learning. https://t.co/5aRMQp9wW5 #njleftbehind #schoolchoice #remotelearning

We see that @jenzinone is running for Congress and supports school choice for Jersey City parents. #SchoolChoice

As thousands of parents scramble to set up trendy micro-schools and find tutors and teachers to help their kids through online learning, who helps parents who can't afford this or just want in-person teaching to attend a private school?


This is a perfect time for using public funds to meet an urgent education need!

Families Priced Out of Coronavirus ‘Learning Pods’ Seek Alternatives https://t.co/am2LrIz3xZ

We strongly support EduPods for needy children. This is a super opportunity for progressive state and local education officials to step up and help children!


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