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Lots of policy issues bubbling up around the massive differences in online learning experiences among public, private, religious and pure online schools. "Free" internet access is in the mix! https://t.co/WqeIcGDGrl

Poll: 40 percent of Americans more likely to home-school, enroll children in virtual schools aft - https://t.co/criJ5IoGfh #GoogleAlerts

Perfect gift idea to celebrate teachers! Virtual classes call for virtual teacher gifts! Teachers are working overtime to gracefully transition to online classes, making this the perfect time to show our gratitude. https://t.co/RyJ3oeQpVT https://t.co/CLKaZt9OyO nje3 photo

Happy US Teacher Appreciation Week!
Today (and everyday!), we honor teachers across the nation, who continue to work tirelessly to shape our future generations, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. https://t.co/1lvX91YKOH
nje3 photo

We really like the guide Johns Hopkins has recently released to help parents teach civics at home. Fun, practical and so helpful suggestions for engaging children and young adults and building better citizens. https://t.co/y1CZI1Ntmw

In Tech-Central Seattle, Public Schools Take Tech Funds for Kids Computers and Don't Provide Tech--Lessons in Governance.... https://t.co/qS2JKB18fr

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