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Wealthy parents scramble for private alternatives--MicroSchools EduPods++, as the Jersey City Board struggles to plan for re-opening. A heavy lift for all NJ Districts, highly-charged for this Board and very hard for needy families without these options https://t.co/4C9qV5J6ee

Another battle looms in Jersey City this fall for seats on a Board of Education with huge responsibilities for children and lots of controversy . Will parents also look at the progressive promise of school choice? We hope so!! https://t.co/imXDQlqNuD

Lots of opportunity coming to choose better education for New Jersey children and for our great online education world to help struggling New Jersey government schools!


Be sure to tune into this event tomorrow! https://t.co/w1nBJ2uVva
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Virginia Walden Ford @virginiawalden
Join me tomorrow for a FREE virtual screening of Miss Virginia w/ @NVschoolChoice I'll be on a panel before the film talking about ways parents fight for educational opportunities for their children. The panel starts at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central. RSVP details below: https://t.co/SM8R8jVElT

Time to up our game in educating our children and fund students instead of systems


Is The Jersey City Board of Education in sync with voters and parents? Raising Salaries for Administrators, even a little, and a massive budget ( and tax) boost in these times? ... https://t.co/i8KWXki0y6

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